How we took an event of 200 people to an audience of 350,000

by Stephen Brewer, Digital Producer

Last month Komosion managed social media for Australia's leading conference of Apple strategists, designers and developers, Swipe Conference 2012.

We took over Swipe's digital channels, injected some quirky content into the mix and - using Twitter and Instagram - managed to take a conference of 200 people to a global audience of more than 350,000 social media account holders, triggering 1.7 million impressions across those accounts.

Komosion had a four person team at the event logged in to social media management tools posting as the voice of Swipe Conference

The team responded to questions, made comments about the ideas the speakers were raising, and posted photos of the event.

We set up an Instagram account to fuel the sharing of images.

We engaged iPad artist and “espresso animator” Rocco Fazzari (best known for his work in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers) to produce live iPad sketches.

And we kept the conference audience engaged by projecting to the cinema-sized conference screen the Twitter and Instagram streams.

Our team tweeted messages that were re-tweeted by international bloggers and commentators who attended.

The results:

  • We reached more than 350,000 unique social accounts around the world
  • These accounts generated more than 1.7 million impressions on the Twitter hash-tag #swipeconf
  • This audience was built from 644 tweets, 129 replies and 354 retweets - all coming from just 314 contributors.

The conference trended on Twitter within Australia on the first day and people in San Francisco replied that they wished they were there.