Our approach

Making Digital Marketing Easier | Komosion - Corporate Information

Komosion is focused on the actual experience of your customers, as they interact with your company in the digital realm. While a lot has changed in recent years, one thing will always remain the same: there is a person on the other end of your communication.

This starts with proper, research-based user centric design, before you have ever decided what it is that you need to have in your suite of digital assets.

Understanding your consumers, and what their specific needs are will help us lead you to the right decisions around the components of your digital communication plan. Once you have that, then you will be in a position to understand how you are going to give them what they need.

We are adherents of the "three types" of media philosophy: Owned, Bought, Earned.

Companies Own certain media - their websites, their brand and trademarks, their email content. This will allow your message out, but may not get people to engage with it.

You can then Buy media - targeted advertising through smart digital channels has massive cost advantages over any other type of advertising. As well as that, it is more measurable than any other kind of advertising, linking your campaigns directly to outcomes on your Owned Properties.

Once the message is out there, giving people a place to discuss it, and to have their say in your broader public profile. While scary at first, this is when you start to Earn your public profile and the good work your organisation is doing out there in the world comes back to pay you ten-fold. Komosion helps its clients to creat the space for that conversation, and nurture its growth.