The way we work

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A proven way of working

A handful of processes and beliefs underpin the successful delivery of all our projects:

1. Our ‘teaming’ approach
2. Our dedication to quality
3. Our 4D project management methodology

‘Teaming’ Approach

Komosion seeks to develop long term client relationships and aims to work in a collaborative approach with our clients to deliver digital solutions, projects and campaigns.

Our approach is to develop a working team comprising of members of our agency and representatives from the organisation who together inform and guide the creative and decision-making process.

Our philosophy is that working in partnership with our clients promotes open and clear communication and ultimately a better result.

Dedication to Quality

Quality assurance is embedded into everything we do. It’s systematic. All of our solutions and services deliverables are monitored to ensure :

  • Scope and deadlines are met
  • Standards and procedures are adhered to
  • Issues are identified and action taken to correct
  • Improvements and changes are implemented in an efficient and timely manner

4D project management methodology

Komosion adopts the 4D Project Management Methodology consistently for all projects. This proven process ensures we deliver digital solutions and services on brief, on budget, on time, every time.

  • Discover
  • Define
  • Deliver
  • Drive

See the details of our Project Management approach.