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Leading towards Extraordinary Performance

Komosion is pleased to announce the introduction of tailored Leadership Courses for Organisational and Career Development incorporating motivational speakers and facilitators.

The courses are offered via offsite workshops including iconic destinations and cultural experiences. Australian course locations and venues, subject to availability, include:

  • a range of venues at other locations including in Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, the Kimberley Region, the Northern Territory, the Daintree, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru - places where you will know you are part of our great country.

We offer tailored programs to cater for the Corporate and Government C-Suite, Middle Management, Small Business and for Youth. We can also offer learning programs in international locations.

See and to get a deeper appreciation of Brett and his team’s work.

Our Philosophy

  • We seek to support and help people who are striving to achieve.
  • We see Australia as a global leader in a range of endeavours including education, science and sustainability.
  • We see inclusivity as a strength and believe in both celebrating and protecting Australia’s uniqueness: its nature, wildlife, landscape and natural resources.
  • We strive not just for Achievement, but also for Balance and Sustainability.
  • We care about our history and our culture, including our astonishing Indigineous Culture and Heritage.
  • We welcome potential collaborators and partners and hope together we can contribute to furthering Australia and providing leadership to the rest of the world.

Leadership Guides our Way

'By developing transformational leaders and high performing, harmonious teams we will give you the power to unleash your organisation's full potential' - John O'Neill, Komosion's Founder.

Image: Bradley’s Head was named after William Bradley, an officer on the Sirius, guard ship of the First Fleet. In 1905, due to numerous accidents, a small lighthouse, was built at the tip of Bradley’s Head.

April 25, 2019: We offer our respect and gratitude as Australia honours and remembers the valour of all our Veterans on Anzac Day,

We create experiences and build programs incorporating content from a range of contemporary and topical leadership subject areas including:

1. Transformational Leadership

2. Emotional Intelligence

3. Communication including Proactive Dialogue

4. Honour. Respect. Integrity. Reputation.

5. Delegation. Trust. Collaboration. Diversity
6. Growth, Innovation & Creativity

7. Strategy, Goals and Organisational Culture

8. Organisational Change and Development

9. Developing Human Capital.

10. Revising the Corporate Ethics, Values, Mission

Contact us to design a course.
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The People in our Leadership Practice

Esther Rikkone

Our Practice has been designed by Esther Rikkone who is the Leadership & Organisational Development Principal. Esther holds an MSc in Organisational Psychology, Leadership and Organisational Development from the London School of Economics.

Moscow-born, Esther is also completing her Master 5 Commercial Skipper Ticket, following the bespoke traditions of Sydney Maritime. She has a background in private and corporate aviation, veterinary science, management, psychology, and has completed courses in media and design, Aboriginal culture and education.

“The stars are the events which happen to us (those we can not control) and the constellations are the narratives which we create around them”, Dr. Briony Scott, Principal Wenona School, Sydney. This is one of Esther’s favourite quotes.

John O'Neill

John says Australia proved to itself and the world its capabilities when it staged the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The biggest event in history, it was deemed by the International Olympic Committee’s then President to have been “The Best Games Ever”. John specialises in Corporate Strategy, including for not for profits, Communications and Business Tranbsformation. He holds a Masters of Management, ANU and BA Hons, UNSW.

He is a former Managing Director of Tourism NSW (now Destination NSW), Non Executive Director of Business Events Sydney and was Ticketing Communications Manager for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. He is the Chairman of Surfing NSW, a Non Executive Director of Adopt Change and Founder and Principal of Komosion.

Lisa Hickson

Lisa believes Innovating around your customer is the secret to success. She specialises in Strategy and Solution Development, CX Design & Delivery. Lisa has served as Head of Marketing & Content, Digital Media, Network Ten; Marketing Director, Consumer and Online, Microsoft Australia; GM - Brand, Communications & Insights for REA Group; and as a Non Executive Director for Onthehouse Group when it was a listed company.

Lisa is a former Bain management consultant with Bain & Company and holds a Bsc. in Management Science and an MBA from INSEAD.

Peter Anderson

"Business is about people,” says Peter whose career began in the Australian Defence Force - the Royal Australian Navy. He then moved into the private sector where he spent time in Japan and the United States studying business strategies and the concept of continuous improvement.

Peter’s passion for people development saw him purchase a license with Leadership Management Australia in 1996. Since then, he has presented to hundreds of people on the world stage at international conventions in the US, Europe and Asia

Michelle Anderson

Michelle has 20 years experience in the people development industry. She began her career in 1996 and has been recognised both nationally and internationally for her efforts in making a difference within organisations in both Australia and New Zealand. Michelle has presented to hundreds of people at World Conventions in both the U.S. and Europe and has coaching qualification with the Australian Institute of Executive Coaching and is an accredited DISCFlex practitioner.

Michelle has a passion for people and helping them to reach their full potential.

Nicolette Marek

Nicolette is a Senior Accountant Manager and Business Analyst. She was born and grew up in Tasmania and believes effective leadership is key to any successful business or organisation. For her, this means providing inspiration, passion and values that motivate others to achieve their best.

Nicolette holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relations from RMIT University and a Bachelor Of Contemporary Arts from the University of Tasmania.

Our Young Leaders

Rachel Rikkone

Rachel is a Year 12 Student at Wenona School, North Sydney.

She is Bilingual (English, Russian) and her interests include Economics, Law, Design, Arts and Sports.

Photograph courtesy of David Collins

Lucas Davis

Lucas has commenced Medical Science at Macquarie University.

His interests include Medicine, Science, Law and Sports (Soccer and Basketball).

Komosion is a member of the NSW Business Chamber and its Executive Chairman is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors