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We take our clients on a journey of transformation examining their customers interaction with their brand, product or service offering and business culture.
We then help them create and deliver an enhanced and differentiated customer experience design that meets the target customer needs; modify the service delivery framework to maximise customer engagement with the key touch points and ensure consistent service and continuous improvement.

Finally, we support clients in re-engineering the company’s structure and culture to create an environment that fosters happier customers and employees.

Design Philosophy

Komosion has been deeply engaged in Customer Experience Strategy and Design since it commissioned a former principal of Silicon Valley firm IDEO to lead company wide training in specialist techniques and methodologies.

IDEO was the original Design Thinking company. It worked closely with Apple and the company’s founder gifted its methods to the Institute of Design at Stanford (D School).

Komosion adheres to the Design Thinking framework of:

Regularly deployed tools and techniques include:

  • Observation
  • Empathic Interviews
  • User engagement (including extreme users)
  • Analogous empathy
  • Story share-and-capture
  • Mapping techniques including saturate and group, empathy mapping, journey mapping
  • Personas
  • 2x2 Matrix analysis

  • Laddering
  • Design Principle Declaration
  • Brainstorming
  • Constraint imposition
  • Empathic Prototyping
  • Prototype testing
  • Testing with Users
  • Feedback Capture Gridding
  • Visual Storytelling, including video & photographic

Our Phased Approach to Journey-Based Transformation