10% Discount on WordPress websites - but only until Xmas

30 Nov 2017
WordPress is known for its ease of use, manageable nature, customisable design and search engine optimisation. It is the most popular Content Management System due to its feasibility and efficiency.

Which is why Komosion is now offering WordPress websites for affordable and economical pricing structures! These websites are designed to be competitive, adaptable and well designed with a guaranteed fast turn around time.

WordPress will also power a new version of our KomodoCMS web publishing platform.

Andre Kakos, Digital Experience expert and General Manager at Komosion says: “WordPress empowers businesses to rollout full-featured systems at an affordable cost.

"With a well-developed ecosystem of developers, high-adoption and array of plugin functionality it provides the benefits of agile development with reliability."

Komosion built an impeccably designed WordPress website for Vanity Group which now operates as a fully-functional e-commerce website.

We are also offering a 10% discount to those who book in by the end of the year for WordPress website delivery!