Adopt Change this week!

07 Nov 2015

This week is National Adoption Awareness Week. Komosion is a backer of Adopt Change, the organisation that runs the week and has been advocating adoption as a way of providing secure, loving families for children in need.

Australia has one of the lowest adoption rates in the world both from other countries and from within Australia where 15,000 children who could be eligible for adoption continue to be pushed through a revolving door of foster care placements.

There were just
317 adoptions in Australia in the 2013-14 year – and only 114 adoptions from other countries, even though Unicef estimates there are some 13 million children in the world without parents.

Komosion is pleased to have continued this year to provide office space and web services to Adopt Change and is even happier that Australia’s new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull appears as
committed to fixing the broken adoption system as his predecessor, with the ongoing support of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

Adopt Change has brought to Australia for this year’s National Adoption Awareness Week two leading reformers from the United Kingdom and New Zealand where there has been a complete rethink and recognition of the positive role adoption can play in modern family formation.

You can show your support this year by
reading a bedtime story to a child who needs one.

More information can be found at the Adopt Change website and Facebook page.

We also recognise our clients, without whose business we could not engage with these causes - you've already made a difference!