Behind the scenes in LA LA land: Top Tips from LA

29 May 2015
1. Talk to people! I got a totally different take on LA from a 79 year old Puerto Rican ex-Hollywood postman while washing my clothes at the laundrette.

2. Downtown LA can be a little scary but I spent a lot of time walking the streets in the late evening and found some amazing architecture and sites on my wanders. There is a great mix of cultures on display.

3. Make sure you go up to the top of Grand Avenue (around 1st and 2nd street) and look at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Disney Concert Hall.

4. Visit the Shuttle Endeavour display at the Science museum. I don't know how I could possibly get as close to anything that has been into space other than a meteor dropping on my head!

5. If you like hamburgers you have to try 'Fatburger'. They are..... BIG, but really tasty! In fact they have a 1.5 pound burger challenge if you are up for it, that’s 680grams to us (no, I didn't partake but think I could have nailed it!).

6. Make sure you have enough $1 bills for tipping - and keep them separate from your other notes so you don't accidentally hand out a $20 bill!

7. Thinking about using Uber? I did when I took a quick tour of Santa Monica and Beverly Hills on my way back to the airport. I then discovered they have fare multipliers during busy times (as they do in Australia), and the trip ended up costing me over $250! Sometimes a cab can be a cheaper alternative.