Five must-know internet trends

24 Sep 2017
reveals how the internet is progressing, what platforms and interfaces are resonating with user's and predictions for the next biggest things.

Here are five important take-aways from the report:

1. You've likely been told that there has been a "shift to mobile" in the last few years. The more accurate term would be the "addition of mobile" as desktop usage hasn't actually declined.

2. Despite desktop usage remaining stable, mobile usage has recently skyrocketed and the average US person is on their mobile 3 hours per day.
3. There may be upcoming windfalls for mobile ad platforms as there is still more time spent on mobile than ad spend.
4. Google and Facebook control 85% of ad growth. From 2015 to 2016 Google grew 20% and Facebook grew 60%.
5. Internet ad spend is predicted to surpass TV in as little as 6 months.