Flight Centre Foundation Cape York to Kokoda Challenge

07 Nov 2015

Komosion is committed to contributing to the world and this month wants to share with our community some of the ways in which we are doing this – and how others who might be interested can get involved.

We have worked with Flight Centre for almost four years and are proud this year to support its Foundation via the Cape York to Kokoda Challenge - a fundraising initiative to improve education in Papua New Guinea.

Last month, four Flight Centre staff members kayaked from Cape York in Australia to Daru in Papua New Guinea before completing the Kokoda track in just 3 days - it usually takes 8 days!

There are a raft of images and posts from this extraordinary trip that can be found on Facebook.

We contributed to the fundraising which totalled $50,000 and has been provided to KTF (Kokoda Track Foundation) which runs a teacher training facility in rural Kokoda village.

Six hundred thousand school-aged children in PNG currently cannot go to school due to the lack of teachers. The funds raised will train five fully qualified elementary teachers at the Kokoda College and equip them with a classroom of resources upon graduation.

Since 2008 the Flight Centre Foundation has managed to donate more than $7 million to its partner charities and emergency appeals. You can find out more by visiting
Flight Centre Foundation

We also recognise our clients, without whose business we could not engage with these causes - you've already made a difference!