Flight Centre's Global COO sings Komosion's praises

08 Jun 2016

John O'Neill, Managing Director, Komosion: What’s it been like having Komosion in and around the business the last few years? How have you found the company and its people?

Melanie Waters-Ryan, Global Chief Operating Officer, Flight Centre: It has been fabulous! As a leader in this business I knew something wasn’t quite right and you helped me define what wasn’t quite right. So you kind of gave certainty to, if you like, some kind of intuitive concerns I had at the time.

You then, I think very succinctly and systematically went through and helped to nail down what those issues were. So you took what was just a gut feel and made it a bit concrete, I think that’s something you did really well. You then helped us develop options. Again, that’s something that, when you’re flitting from one thing to another, actually that is something about the size of the business as well, it is very hard to dive into something in a deep way. You guys helped us dive into something in a deep way, forced us to move from what we were doing. Which, do you remember was that very sausage factory approach to marketing and started to make us, which we knew we had to do, but having you there and paying you to do it forced us to do it.

So it kind of, at a moment in time helped us realise what we thought was wrong, you just gave it some concreteness and then you helped us develop some actions.

So I would say you helped us speed up what it would have taken, we would have been meandering around for ages trying to fix – and you’re fun people to work with, you like a drink!

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