Google Tools you need to know about

27 Jun 2015
We're loving the scooters as a mode of transport between the 3 Google offices!

Komosion was hosted by Google for a tour of its offices and to learn about how we can better help our clients make the most of the company’s services. Our session with Google explored a range of tools they offer, from insights into market trends, significant data, forecasting future developments, and ways of establishing how customers complete their purchasing journeys and more.

Google Trends

This tool shows how often a specific search-term is entered relative to the total search-volume, across the world and in different languages. In an Australian context, Komosion can support you with this tool, to understand current demands, and those that are soon-to-be in the market. In 2013 and 2014, Google Trends forecast who would win the popular TV show The Voice, due to the amount of times the winner had been searching in the lead-up to the finale!

Consumer Barometer

The consumer barometer can help you understand consumer behaviour on the internet and the reasons behind their shopping habits. The data gathered by Google is divided into three categories: The Multi-Screen Viewer, The Smart Shopper and The Smart Viewer. These three categories can be further customised to deliver the desired insights into graphs, which can then be shared or downloaded in .csv or .png formats. Komosion help you use this tool, to gain the full benefit of all the data available at your fingertips

Consumer Journey-Path-to-Purchase Tool

Komosion prides itself on its delivery of in-depth, actionable insights into your customers’ journeys. Google’s purchase path chart can support our understanding of how different marketing channels affect online decisions. We can use this tool to help you plan what marketing channels to use at different points in your customer’s journey.

Google Consumer Surveys

Google recognises that decisions should be made from data, which should always be clear, concise and relevant. In order to do so, they now offer a paid service, for building and circulating surveys. From the company’s perspective, traditional methods for collecting data are now largely outdated, and often the data collected is either irrelevant or not useful to the needs which organisations are using it. If you need specific data quickly, Komosion can guide you through the creation of surveys which will drive right to the heart of the matter – or undertake the work for you.

You're never more than 15 metres from food at Google!