How the new Facebook algorithm will affect your business

22 Jan 2018
Facebook has announced a big change to the newsfeed algorithm that will prioritise personal content over news.

In an effort to curb fake news receiving the most likes and engagement, Mark Zuckerberg has clearly stated that users will soon see less posts from business pages and more content from friends and family.

In a media environment that has radically reduced organic reach, such as through the drastic 2016 algorithm change from free-flowing organic content to regulated content costing business pages an advertising budget to even be seen in the newsfeed, you need to prepare for even less organic reach and referral traffic.

It is now more essential than ever to understand the ambition of your brand or product and align that with the target consumer that has a similar ambition.

Poorly created ads and irrelevant targeting will cause a noticeable hole in budgets. While content with high interaction and comments will appear higher, click-bait will flat out not work. Marketers can no longer rely on competitions and give-aways for likes and engagement. Facebook is prioritising meaningful interactions.

Adjusting to this new ecosystem and curating meaningful social content will be vital. Expect to see users excited by this change!