It's just the beginning of the digital revolution...

19 Oct 2017
Most businesses, both small and large, are still in the early stages of their digital transformation. While it may seem that huge leaps have occurred in businesses as they embrace digital as a competitive necessity, the bulk of transformation is set to occur in the next four to five years (according to the Embracing digital transformation: Experiences from Australian organisations report). This means that for the businesses that haven’t yet implemented their digital transformation strategy, it’s not too late! And embracing it can have numerous benefits…
In Australia, all businesses irrespective of size are known to take their time to incorporate digital in their business strategy. But it's not just us - the technology needed to create a company like Uber was around for years before it actually emerged and the taxi business was well overdue for disruption. So then why are we waiting to innovate?

Below is a pie chart that displays what is holding businesses back from digital transformation:

It has been evident for some time that Australian consumers prefer online platforms for numerous services. In order to better serve the customer, it is essential that businesses keep up with digital trends.

Small businesses can feel held back from embracing digital, as it is difficult to approach. A company needs a culture that allows innovation to manifest and that incorporates staff on the business’ journey. Customers disregard the size of a company, but instead focus on the quality of service and customer experience they endure. Therefore your business, irrespective of size, must align with the digital world that we now live in.

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