Komosion and Plato Project partner to deliver Customer Experience Design education

02 Oct 2018
John O'Neill, Komosion and Elissa Newell, Plato Project

Komosion launched today a new partnership with Plato Project to deliver customer experience design education.

Courses will be offered in Melbourne and Sydney, building capability among individuals and within organisations to innovate the customer experience and drive adoption of customer-centric culture.

Plato Project Chief Executive Officer Elissa Newall says the partnership with Komosion highlighted a key point of difference in its modern education model.

“This opportunity places experts and industry professionals, who are actively working with clients on CX, in a supported environment to share their valuable experience with those wanting to learn. In support of that, Plato Project empowers these experts to be great educators and facilitators through our innovative content and learning methodology.”

“Komosion has the know-how when it comes to customer experience but they also share our belief in purpose. We know that organisations need to be able to manifest their higher purpose at all touch points if they’re to have true loyalty and engagement, and Komosion bring that practical experience to the classroom,” says Newall.

Komosion Managing Director John O’Neill says traditional educational institutes have not been able to support businesses in the modern economy raising the need for more relevant education models such as Plato Project.

“What impresses us about the philosophy of the Plato Project is that it had already understood the gap in the market and was already moving to better equip organisations to have relevant skills and a stronger sense of purpose about their roles in the world.”

Plato Project and Komosion are hosting 1-day CX Design Bootcamps in Sydney and Melbourne in November, followed by a 10-week course commencing in March.

About the CX Design Course

As industry becomes more competitive, and alternative options present from all corners of the globe, the most successful organisations are those that offer customer experiences unlike any other.

In this course you’ll develop your capabilities in a variety of disciplines – such as design thinking, user-experience design, product development and service design – to ultimately maximise the competitive advantage your products and company holds.

This course is for entrepreneurs and business leaders who need to increase revenue, maximise customer loyalty and create a market position competitors can’t keep up with.

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