Komosion goes to Google!

26 Jun 2015

Komosion was hosted by Google for a tour of its offices and to learn about how we can better help our clients make the most of the company’s services.

We took part in an interactive presentation about market trends, how to leverage Google data,
Google tools and much more. We received insights into some of the most recent market trends and new skills we can bring to the table for our clients. Below are some savvy tips from the marketing and customer experience industry leaders, brought to you by Google and Komosion.

Mara's loving the Google library

Mobile optimisation is one of the most important things you can do for your website.

Everyone knows that we are using our mobiles more and more. We no longer go “on to” the internet; instead, the internet is our constant companion, with us daily. No longer are our consumers waiting around for us to provide them with information, they are looking for what they want to know by themselves.

This means that consumers want their information in “micro-moments’”. They want it now, and they want it fast. If there is more than a one-second delay in their mobile web page loading, there is a seven per cent drop in conversions.

Triple Screening

Have you ever sat at home, watching television, with your laptop open, but actually using your phone? Seventy four per cent of people use more than one device, or screen, at a time. Twenty six per cent of people actually “triple screen”.

So how do we grab these people’s attention? Let’s start with what is now hygiene:
online sites need to be mobile-optimised. According to Google, 40% of people who had a disappointing experience on a mobile site will turn to competitor sites.

There are many ways in which a mobile site can be improved for an excellent user experience:

  • Keeping calls to actions front and centre means that your customers can navigate through your mobile site and complete tasks easily;

  • Don’t let promotions steal the show. They can be distracting for the customers, and interfere with their main interest in completing the calls to action ;

  • Offer click-to-call at points in the conversion process that require entry of complex or sensitive information. Some people are hesitant about filling out personal information on their phones, and appreciate the quick ability to talk to someone.

To check if Google will label your web pages as mobile-friendly, do the mobile-friendly test now.

Pinball Wizards!

Now when it comes to apps ...

Do you need one? Is it worth it?

Did you know that 95% of apps that are downloaded from the Playstore are deleted after 30 days?

Apps should offer your customers something different, useful or innovative. Apps are for your biggest fans or need great utility, while a mobile site is a general place for information. This mix is reflected in the data, showing that consumers use both apps and mobile sites when researching the information that they want.

Komosion can help you decide if you need an app, if you should mobile optimise and how to improve your user experiences.