Komosion to help Australian Government deliver world-leading website platform

29 Apr 2015

Strategic marketing agency Komosion has been appointed a delivery partner for the Australian Government’s govCMS project.

Australian Government agencies currently operate hundreds of websites and duplicate development and hosting efforts on a multitude of software technologies. The Australian Government has partnered with global cloud hosting and support company Acquia to create a common web publishing platform for all agencies on the open source software, Drupal.

“We are excited to have been selected to join Acquia in supporting up to 450 agencies who are forecast to move to this platform over the coming three years,” said Komosion Managing Director, John O’Neill, himself a former head of a Government agency (Tourism NSW).

“Organisations in both Government and the private sector have been paying very significant amounts of money to licence software,” he said. “The govCMS platform frees up scarce resources for Government agencies to concentrate on what matters most – creating an exceptional digital experience for taxpayers.”

Mr O’Neill said Komosion hoped to bring to bear on its work with Government agencies the customer centric, digital experience thinking that has seen it win awards for transforming the way companies like Flight Centre are engaging their audiences.

Komosion has appointed Canberra-based Drupal expert Christopher Skene to lead its Drupal practice. Christopher is the founder of the highly regarded DrupalGov conference, held annually in Canberra, and formerly the technical architect for the Drupal distribution powering the Australian Government’s new govCMS service.