Luxury Travel’s mobile first site

20 Jan 2016

You might have heard about Luxury Travel Magazine's beautiful new website we redesigned and rebuilt on Drupal CMS Komodo Kanvas. We’re pretty proud. It’s amazing. Here are a few reasons why we know it’s amazing:

A sliding mobile navigation bar

This means no more hamburger button to be confused by when you are looking at the site on a mobile device. The hotly contested sidebar was not on our menu, given that research has shown the target audience for Luxury Travel don’t always know what it is, or how it works. Our sliding navigation bar is much more clear, doesn’t hide key information and ensures that the user can easily get around the whole site.

Diverse picture sizes and shapes

Your brain gets tired of seeing the same thing, over and over again. Keeping this in mind, when we designed the Luxury Travel Magazine’s site, we experimented with breaking up the monotony. You will see a range of square, rectangular and perfectly circular photos across the site, keeping the user interested in the content and eager to see more.

A clear secondary menu for mobile

On mobile, it gets tricky to display all the info you need without overloading the page. For this site, we somehow needed to clearly show two menus on every page. No mean feat. So we decided to bypass the hamburger menu (again), and displayed the “About & More” with an arrow pointing down. This has proved to be clearer to Luxury Travel’s audience, and ensures greater ease of use for a site that has so much great information to share!