New Podcast tackles Business Transformation with Australian executives

03 Aug 2016

A new podcast featuring interviews with Australian business executives who are transforming their companies around their customers has launched today.

Called Customers Matter, it is hosted by John O’Neill, a management consultant and former award winning print and television journalist. The first episode features an interview with Flight Centre’s Global Chief Operating Officer, Melanie Waters-Ryan.

In the interview, Ms Waters-Ryan says the company’s charismatic founder, Graham “Skroo” Turner, forces innovation in his own, inimitable way. “His most famous line is: ‘What the f..k’s going on?’ … It’s a conversation starter and I love the fact that he just tries to get you talking and, through that, tries to get ideas.”

Ms Waters-Ryan also spoke of the company’s transition from a small business with 20 stores to help Australians understand and access travel - without having to go into “dark cupboards in airline’s offices” - to now having 42 brands, 18,000 people and operating in 13 countries around the world.

But, she said, Flight Centre has to keep reinventing itself: “You’ll see us look to where we think we can apply our model - maybe in a completely different segment.“ Flight Centre’s decision to own and operate the company behind 99 Bikes was an example.

“You might think we got into bikes because Skroo likes riding - and you’d be totally right. But, to be honest, our model works beautifully in that bike world - we’re actually becoming quite successful in that space by applying the Flight Centre business model.”

Subscribers to Customer’s Matter can now review and rate this and other episodes featuring the way customers are changing the landscape for universities and a monopoly utility.

Further podcast episodes will be published at least monthly by Komosion.

Media contact: Fran Young 0406 827 509.