Nomophobia - why you need to know what it means

30 Oct 2014

Nomophobia - it's the fear of not being connected due to a lack of battery power, signal or loss of ones mobile phone. Who knew there was a word for that? There's a word because 74% of respondents in a recent Business Insider survey confessed to having it.

That was a key take out from AIEC 2014 (Australian International Education Conference). The theme was Inventing the Future and Komosion was there for 4 insightful and thought-provoking days.

Food for thought

With mobile usage on the rise, ask yourself if you're providing the best mobile student experience possible.

  • 5.5 hours a day - that's the average time spent on smartphones by respondents aged 18-24*

  • Only 5% of time spent on a mobile is actually for calls. 13% is spent on texting and a whopping 56% is spent on app usage*

In a survey of the world's top 500 universities, some surprising stats on communicating and engaging with students were revealed:

  • 57% responded to enquiries within one day

  • 21% of the world's top 500 universities did not respond to enquiries at all!

  • 68% of the institutions that did reply, did not send a second email or reminder

Through student journey mapping, we’re identifying enormous opportunities to connect and engage with students through really understanding the student journey, their pleasure and pain points and their needs. When you structure content around the student touch points accordingly you better fulfil their needs and enhance their experience along their education path and beyond.

* Source: Business Insider
** Source: Through Student Eyes 2014