Palm Oil free Biology Skincare product now available direct via fresh e-commerce site

14 Jul 2016

This week Biology Smart Skincare launched its luminous e-commerce website with Komosion’s helping hand.

Biology Smart Skincare, part of the successful Australian-owned Vanity Group skincare portfolio is raising the bar to new heights in the skincare industry, releasing a new product range that is simultaneously ethical, environmental and responsible.

Komosion has customised a site that successfully represents the Biology brand and values, providing UX online shopping ease in the luxury skincare marketplace.

“We have carefully considered the customer journey throughout the online buying process and trust that we have represented the key integrity of the brand by helping Biology be recognised for setting themselves apart in a crowded marketplace,” said Komosion Managing Director John O’Neill.

Not only has Biology released a new palm-oil free soap as part of the new launch, the brand says it has ensured its products remain Australian made, use bio-degradable packaging, are not tested on animals and remain free from environmental hazards such as sulfates and plastic microbeads.

In an age where environmental and ethical responsibility is paramount, Komosion is pleased to have aided Vanity Group get Biology’s message across through digital marketing.

Komosion is a Customer Experience Design and Delivery agency which also specialises in leveraging open source software including the Wordpress and Drupal content management systems with e-commerce and other and modules to great great digital experiences. Komosion is due to launch another new site for the Vanity Group family for Metis skincare in a fortnight’s time. Stay tuned for an exciting new look and feel!