People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it

27 Jul 2017
Simon Sinek has now famously said, "People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it". He calls it the golden circle - why, how and what. Very few businesses know why they exist, their purpose, their belief, yet this is exactly why people buy what you do.

Most companies think and act from the outside in, as their 'what' is the most obvious. However inspired companies, regardless of size, think and act from the inside out.

Sinek's 2009 TED talk is still relevant today because most companies continue to struggle with their why. Most businesses have a description of ‘what’ they do, however not many have yet had a deeper discussion of ‘why’ they do it.

As people, our values and motivations are derived from a combination of extrinsic values; where we get recognition and reward from others; and intrinsic values, from where our satisfaction is usually more sustainable and derived from internal fulfilment.

Businesses with purpose are often disruptors, spotting more effective and useful ways of doing things for the benefit not just of themselves but society more generally.

The Greater Good by Claire Gaudiani delves into the crucial role philanthropy plays in success. Generosity should always influence decisions, especially in business. Investment is one of the biggest forms of generosity, whether that is an investment in people, property or ideas.

Gaudiani said, “The right to pursue happiness may not link citizens directly to wealth, but it does instil a spirit of hope that is often supported through the philanthropic investments of fellow citizens”. This statement exudes the importance of purpose beyond profit.

After the Komosion team discovered this book, we decided to start our own transformational journey. At Komosion we aim to help organisations define and deliver experiences that enrich the lives of their customers, our clients’ business ecosystems and contribute to a greater good.

Komosion now offers its clients strategic workshops on uncovering their greater good and purpose beyond profit. This workshop adds value to an organisation because it increases the engagement of its employees and customers. In effect, this increases efficiency and uncovers an organisation’s purpose and direction.

Your organisation’s output and how you are perceived as a brand should be authentic and aligned. In doing so, customer faith is achieved.

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