Plans to extend affordable open-source web publishing to more enterprises

08 Jun 2016

One of Australia’s leading Drupal architects, Christopher Skene (pictured above right), has been appointed to the role of Product Strategy and Development Adviser to Komosion effective from July 2016.

Mr Skene was the lead architect of what is now govCMS, an instance of the open source, enterprise-grade web publishing software Drupal now powering more than 60 Commonwealth Government websites and expected to ultimately run more than 450 agency sites.

He was then engaged by Komosion at the start of 2015 to architect a similar web publishing platform for the private sector - - which was launched at CeBIT in Sydney in the first week of May and is already in use by clients in the travel, finance and not-for-profit sectors.

Mr Skene will advise Komosion on the product’s further development via its monthly Product Steering Committee chaired by John Doyle (pictured above left), Komosion’s General Manager of Technology and Solutions Architecture.

“We are planning to take way beyond its web publishing origins, making it more relevant both to specific industry sectors and integrated with other key digital marketing tools and Chris will be an essential source of insight and advice in that regard,” Mr Doyle said.

Said Mr Skene: “This is an exciting role for me. I've always had a passion for open source and brings that to the Enterprise market in a way not previously possible. I really look forward to helping guide the extension of the platform.”

John O’Neill, co-owner and Managing Director of Komosion, said Mr Skene’s work had been outstanding in the last 18 months as both Komosion’s lead Drupal architect and Chief Operating Officer.

“This new, part-time advisory role will ensure the company continues to benefit from Mr Skene’s expertise, enabling Chris to continue to leverage his skills while also pursuing opportunities beyond direct Drupal development.”