PM gets behind adoption changes

20 Nov 2014

John O'Neill, Komosion's MD and Chairman of Adopt Change, breakfasted with the Prime Minister earlier this month in Canberra at the launch of Adoption Awareness Week. Adopt Change is making great strides forward in lobbying for changes to the adoption system and championship of the PM on Australia's broken system has been outstanding.

Read the news coverage:

The time it takes to adopt children could be dramatically quicker from next year, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said. Mr Abbott said on Friday adoption should take a year, rather than the current average of about five years.

Last year there were 18,000 Australian children eligible for adoption. Out of those, only 210 were adopted - leaving 17,790 babies, toddlers and young people without a permanent home. Without a family. Without someone to love them, to look out for them. That leaves 98.8 per cent of them ... alone.
TONY Abbott will be asked today to commit to doubling the number of overseas adoptions and halving their processing time. Adopt Change chairman John O’Neill will issue the challenge to the Prime Minister when he launches Adoption Awareness Week in Canberra.