Power of Drupal harnessed for cloud CMS to be launched in May

21 Apr 2016

After more than 12 months’ work, Komosion is proud to announce the official launch of Kanvas, powered by Drupal, at this year’s CeBIT event.

Kanvas is a cloud-based CMS designed for digital experience management, featuring hundreds of improvements over regular Drupal, available as a service or on-premises.

Architected by Komosion’s COO
Christopher Skene and based on more than a decade’s experience designing and building enterprise-grade Drupal platforms (including the Australian Government’s govCMS platform), Kanvas enables amazing, scalable digital experiences in a way not usually possible with open source products.

“We aim to make Kanvas powerful, easy-to-use, and ready to integrate out-of-the-box,” said Skene. “You can hook it up to hundreds of marketing tools with a few clicks. It’s secure, and you can build just about anything with it. And, of course, it is mobile optimised out of the box.”

Komosion has provided hosted CMS products for more than a decade which has taught the team a few things about how to deliver a service that actually provides value.

“Kanvas.cloud updates seamlessly when update the software, so you get access to new features quickly and don’t have to worry about keeping up to date,” added Skene. “This allows you to focus on the important stuff that actually makes your business tick.”

Kanvas.cloud is provisioned on one of the world’s leading hosting services, Platform.sh, which reduces development and testing time but a significant margin, and provides a secure, scalable and reliable service Komosion clients can trust.

For large enterprises with appropriate requirements, Kanvas can also be deployed via our partnership with Acquia.

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