Top UX Tips from Komosion

09 Mar 2016
We build so many websites, here are a few integral tips we think everyone should know.

The screen shots below are 'before and afters' of the site we are currently in progress of developing for Caravan and Camping.

Enjoy the sneak peak!

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1: Your website should be self explanatory. From the time the user first lands on your webpage, it should be completely obvious as to the function, use and reason for the site.

2: Make it easy for your users to get 'home’. Users like to have consistency in their online experiences, most user friendly websites now use a logo in the top left hand side of the page to navigate back to the home page, just like we have on Caravan and Camping's site.

3: Copy is scanned, so keep it simple, direct and make use of pictures and headings to break it up.

4: Simple terms are much better than quirky ones or industry jargon. Think about who your audience is and whether they would understand the content.

5: Users are more likely to notice things near the top of the page, so order your content by its importance.

6: Make sure everything on the page is relevant or leave it out.

7: Remember that readability is more than about being able to read something; it’s also about whether you want to read it.

8: Ensure your text is large enough and with sufficient contrast for legibility. Similarly, so does the use of increased line spacing between all lists, lines and paragraphs.

9: Aim to delight your user. While usability is extremely important, aesthetics play an important part of the user experience. Make it beautiful! People perceive attractive things to work better.

10: Listen to your users and make improvements accordingly. Do your research! Your customers don’t always do things the same way you, or your friends do.

Our work in progress for Caravan and Camping is below, check out the before and after shots! (This is the same page!)

Like any of the above? Let us know if we can do something similar for your site, chat to  Konstancija Ruza