What technology do marketers use? The Economist tells us

31 Mar 2015

Marketers’ technology investment plans illustrate both the dominance and fragmentation of digital channels. Three of the four most widely cited investments are aimed at reaching customers through different channels: via social networks, on mobile devices and on the old standby of e-mail. Because so much interaction occurs through these channels, they are a rich source of customer data.

Today, barely half of marketers use data to gain insights and engage customers.

In three to five years, however, 81% say they will use data to better connect with customers.

Similarly, over the next three to five years, more than 80% of marketers will rely on technology to engage customers in conversations and build advocacy and trust.

Companies of different sizes have different marketing priorities.

Social marketing has a disproportionate share of sub-US$500m companies, while marketing analytics claim a high share of companies with revenue over US$5bn.

The biggest share of large companies’ investments is in automation, analytics, creative/design and content.

The biggest share of small companies’ investments—those with revenue under US$500m—is in website personalisation, social, e-mail marketing and marketing resource management.

Outside the top category of social marketing, few sizeable differences are evident in priorities among the most-cited investment categories.

Source: The Rise of the Marketer - Driving Engagement, Experience and Revenue. A report from The Economist Intelligence Unit.