WordPress: 2017 in review

25 Jan 2018
WordPress powers nearly 30% of all sites on the internet. It's accessibility and sleek features make it a popular choice for business and e-commerce sites.

In 2017, WordPress introduced a range of new features to ensure creating the perfect website is even easier. Here are some of the new features:

1. Premium and Business Plan users now have access to unlimited themes allowing them to experiment with design.

2. The Radcliffe 2 theme was created specifically for small businesses.

3. Collaborating in Google Docs and publishing straight to WordPress was made even easier.

4. Business Plan can support plugins and third-party themes, meaning you can connect your site to great email and social media tools, e-commerce solutions, publishing and subscription services and more.

5. Social media scheduling was introduced in July, allowing you to plan posts well in advance and resurface popular posts - an invaluable feature that places posting and social distribution all in the one place.

6. The new Simple Payment feature makes it easier for you to earn money from your site, as you can create and embed credit and debit card payment buttons on your site with minimal setup.

7. Posting the perfect photo was made even simpler as you can connect your Google Photos Account and import directly or export images straight from Adobe Lightroom to WordPress.

8. The mobile WordPress App for iOS and Android was improved with a new editor and features to manage your site.

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