Lancemore Group

Lancemore Group Responsive Website Build - Web design and development

The Solution

Komosion undertook a high level review of the website architecture to improve visitor flow and user experience whilst ensuring that the outcome would still follow travel and accommodation convention. We employed our User-Centered Design methodology, leveraging our knowledge of User Experience best practice in the luxury hotel sector to design a more engaging visitor experience.

To provide Lancemore Group content authors with the maximum opportunity to be self-sufficient in creating and managing content on the new site we proposed a modular solution that would enable site editors to select from a range of layout options. It would also enable content authors to select different content types and styles to suit each particular property.

The CMS needed to act as a single source of content creation and enable the publishing of content across all platforms and devices which is achieved by building the site on, powered by Drupal. We proposed a Drupal Commerce shopping solution, which is a highly useable and best practice eCommerce solution for Drupal accommodating the needs identified by the Lancemore Group.

The Result

The stunning new website offer a more personalised user experience and improved site map and navigation structure. The website is fully responsive featuring a dynamic, interactive and flexible design that is highly aesthetically engaging regardless of device.

A shopping cart was developed with the ability to accommodate unlimited accommodation and spa packages. It also provides a smoother user experience for customers to purchase wine (mixing and matching varieties) and gift vouchers by allowed users to filter by price and category as well as searching by name and hotel property. We also better integrated the restaurant booking widgets.

As Lancemore Group continues to experience significant annual growth the new solution is scalable enough to accommodate future needs, allowing new products and individual hotel websites to be added over time.

Building the new website on, powered by Drupal enables Lancemore Group the self-sufficiency they desire. The new site provides Lancemore Group with the digital tools they need to enable them to develop sub-sites as required and create, arrange and update content without the need for external resources.

Site editors are able to create, test and publish content across the corporate website as well as all of the hotel property websites. They're also able to develop, populate, place, deploy, duplicate and publish pages into the site architecture for the main navigation in the corporate site as well as any individual hotel site running off the subfolder structure.

A centralised document and image repository enables the bulk upload of documents and images into the CMS and site editors have the capability to replace existing assets with new uploaded files. The platform also resizes and crops images as necessary to ensure the same image can b used in different layouts throughout the site.

The new CMS supports workflows with roles and rules based permissions and a centralised authoring model is in place.

Komosion continues to provide ongoing website support and hosting.